Design Festa 47 Releases, Sunday

Thanks everyone that was able to make it out today to Design Festa. We’re excited about tomorrow, and have a few special things.

Mishima Kaeru in milky GID

Birthday Blind Bagged Bun-chan’s in milky GID

Looking forward to tomorrow! We’ll be at table F-214!

Design Festa 47 Releases, Saturday

Cory // Science Patrol and I will be at table F-214 this weekend at Design Festa 47. Here’s some things that I’ll have on Saturday, May 12th.

Summer’s Coming Bun-chan

Spring -> Summer Sexy Yakan

X-Havok Kasakappa (I’ll be working on these throughout the event. Right now, Infinity Gauntlet has pushed me back into reading early 90’s comics, and I’m really into Havok at the moment. That may change as I do more of these.)


On Sunday I’ll have a couple other surprises, and we’ll be joined by Bwana Spoons. Come swing by F-214 either day if you have a chance!

Super Festival 77 Releases

This Sunday, April 29th, is Super Festival 77, and it’s always a good time. This time a few releases will be a bit different. Engimono Department Store will have a pop-up shop at the event, table A-10, and they’ll have 3 exclusive figures only available through them. All three are clear Japanese soft vinyl with gold lame.

金吹雪 // Kin Fubuki Bun-chan

金吹雪 // Kin Fubuki Sexy Yakan and Zenfushou Set

I’ll be there with Science Patrol, at table A-29 with the following:

Ol’ Brass Frog

Ol’ Brass Bun-chan

“Summer is Coming” Sexy Yakan

Inner Yokai Kasakappa (clear Japanese soft vinyl painted inside, and a bit out)

Hope you’re able to kick off Golden Week with us on Sunday.

Quick Shipping Update

Hi everyone,

Recently, the last few packages that have been sent to the US via SAL have taken way longer than the estimated 2 weeks. This seems to be limited to just orders sent to the US via SAL, so I’m going to try out Airmail. It’ll be slightly more expensive, but hopefully this way, no one is waiting a full month for their toys to arrive. This will only affect orders to the US for now, but I’ve removed the SAL option, and instead updated it with “Registered Airmail”. This gets you a tracking code that gives rough updates on where the package is.

Other countries (excluding Japan) will still have the Registered SAL or EMS option, which seem to be consistently delivered within the estimated window.

As always, feel free to reach out to me if you have concerns or requests with orders or shipping.


Dokidoki Osaka Sofubi Banpaku

I’ll be in Osaka this weekend with Cory // Science Patrol enjoying some Minoh Beer, friends from Osaka, and hopefully a visit to the Tower of the Sun. On Saturday, March 17th, here are some things I’ll have at the event.

Vintage Blue Spray Kasakappa

Vinage Blue Spray Bun-chan

Sexy Tiger Baseball Yakan

“I finally added eyes” Mishima Kaeru

Red Rocket Zenfushou