Super Festival 79 Releases

I’ll be over at Super Festival (table A-29) this Sunday, the 16th, with a few things.

Mikan Bun-chan

Mikan Zenfushou

Aloha Kasakappa

Looking forward to it!

Design Festa 48

It’s train time again. Cory and I will be over at table J-151, on the 2nd floor this year. It looks like that’s where they’re trying to herd all the toy things. We have a corner along a pretty busy walkway, combined with an Alvin Train running all day, it’ll probably be easy to find.

First up, I’ll have some 秋カエル.

Jon (Rampage Toys) gave me a bunch of my favorite Rampage Toy toy ever; his unicorn. I crammed a few GID, silver/purple lame, and gold lame hop heads on them, and am calling them Rampage Toys X SQDBLSTR Hopsicorns.

Hope to see you there!

Taipei Toy Festival, Booth A-94

This year, I’m flying over to Taipei again to join Hints and Spices, TOVI, Sorbet Jungle, and Science Patrol as part of the Creative Toy Lab. We’ll be over at booth A-94, with a live event scheduled for Saturday (10/20) at 16:00. Here’s a couple TTF releases I’ll have at the booth.

Dry Bones Kasakappa with felt guts (TTF Exclusive)

Sold blind-bagged, with inverse colors being the chase version.



Jade Stone Bun-chan (TTF Exclusive)

Candy Bun-chan (TTF Exclusive)

Metal Collection Bun-chan in Bronze, Silver, and Gold (TTF Debut)

Zenfushou & Sexy Yakan Candy Bag

Blobpus was kind enough to paint a few toys, too. As last year, we’ll have a daily lottery. These pieces will be spread out over the 4 days.

Blobpus Kasakappa Pink Belly

Blobpus Kasakappa Purple Belly

Blobpus Kasakappa Brown Belly (GID)

Blobpus Bun-chan (GID)

Blobpus Zenfushou Pink and Green

Blobpus Zenfushou Gold and Pink (GID)

And there will be a few other surprises. Really looking forward to it!

Super Festival 78 Releases

Another 3-day weekend for most people, and another Super Festival this Sunday, September 23rd. I’m really happy to show off this amazing fluorescent clear pink I got. Cory // Science Patrol and I will be at the usual place (table A-29, I think?), so swing by if you get a chance and say hi.