Perseid Meteor Shower (2018) Release

This August 13th from 24:01 JST, I’ll be releasing this year’s Perseid colorway on both my Japanese and international shop. Bun-chan, Sexy Yakan, and Sexy Galaxy Hop will be available in clear Japanese soft vinyl with red lame mixed in. Sexy Yakan and Galaxy Hop will come with bodies filled with “space rocks”.

2018大怪て展DE池袋 Exclusives at Tokyu Hands Ikebukuro


From tomorrow until the 20th, I’ll have a few things at Tokyu Hands in Ikebukuro. They’ll have an exclusive Kasakappa and Zenfushou, plus some odds and ends. I’ll be hanging around the first floor for most of Monday, July 9th. Come hang out for a bit if you’re in the area!


Design Festa 47 Releases, Sunday

Thanks everyone that was able to make it out today to Design Festa. We’re excited about tomorrow, and have a few special things.

Mishima Kaeru in milky GID

Birthday Blind Bagged Bun-chan’s in milky GID

Looking forward to tomorrow! We’ll be at table F-214!